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Let Your Kitchen Cook With Colour

Saturday, June 9, 2018

let your kitchen cook with colour

Our kitchen is the heart of our home and a place which whistles with love. We spend a lot of time here and hence overlooking its décor is very easy. With time, it starts fading out and looking dull. Perhaps you’re starting to feel that a complete makeover is required. Let us stop you there! You don’t really have to get into that tedious a task. What you need is just few colour changes here and there to make your kitchen look bright and happy.

Go for a mix of colourful jars

Experiment with a mix and match of colourful jars to store all your kitchen essentials

let your kitchen cook with colour

Add a rug

Spread a layer of printed rug to give your kitchen a warm feeling. You may feel that a rug is not a very good idea for a moist-prone zone like a kitchen. To help you with this, we would suggest that you opt for rugs which are easy to wash and has the correct rug pad which has a good grip on your floor type.

let your kitchen cook with colour

Replace your crockeries and dinner ware

Treat your kitchen to a new set of dinner ware and crockeries. We usually tend to buy neutral coloured dinner wares which blends with everything. Our suggestion would be that you go a little colourful and add a splash of bright shades to the heart of your home. And what’s the best part of it? Instead of keeping it hidden, you can keep it on display which will add a touch of quirkiness to your kitchen.

let your kitchen cook with colour

Set in a colourful piece of furniture

Add a cabinet which reflects a colourful aura. If that is not within your budget then you can go for repainting a cabinet which is already present in your kitchen. Bring in paints and get your hands popped up with colours. Add a bright shade which would stand out and remove the tiredness of your kitchen.

let your kitchen cook with colour

Illuminate your kitchen with lights

Change your lighting elements to more brighter ones. Add patterns and colours of lights to your kitchen and let it reflect its awesomeness.

let your kitchen cook with colour

Add indoor plants

Brighten up your kitchen with indoor plants and instantly notice it become alive. To add a bit of drama to it, paint the pots in different colours.

let your kitchen cook with colour

Voila! With all these tips we’re sure to make your kitchen space a more brighter and lively place to cook all your delicacies (aka Love 😊). Happy recreating!

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