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10 Little Things to Stay Inspired

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Ten Little Things To Stay Inspired

10 Little Things To Stay Inspired

I am finally sitting to pen down my thoughts on what took me to stay inspired in taking HomelyMess a level up. By this, I mean creating this website, starting a YouTube channel and growing my Insta account.

This has been a long journey since I started working towards my dream of brightening homes. From selling handmade items in exhibitions to capturing my DIYs into videos, it required a lot of work and perseverance to ideate and progress.

Here's my list of 8 things that I do on a daily basis to stay inspired! Happy reading…

1) Read

I always keep few books handy at all times. These were mainly of home décor or self-motivation. From the décor lot, ‘The New Bohemians’ by Justina Blakeney, has been my all-time favourite and from the motivation bulk, it is ‘Kaizen’, by Sarah Harvey. I read a lot of decor magazines to stay up with the trend and has always kept my creative juice flowing. If you’re not a book worm then don’t worry there are other ways to stay inspired. Simply scroll down.

10 Little Things To Stay Inspired

2) Take up small goals

There can be nothing as demotivating as taking up a goal and not living up to your own expectations. I made sure to assign small goals to myself, something that was easy and achievable in a short span of time. This really did boost my confidence to take up larger ones. Try it out for yourself and see the difference. It really does work magic!

10 Little Things To Stay Inspired

3) Explore my favourite apps

My all-time favourite apps are Pinterest and YouTube. They keep me informed and creative both at the same time. You can get plenty of content to take inspiration from and bring out the genius in you. I invest a lot of time in exploring new techniques and designs and then conceptualize my own versions of them. The funda here is, our brain needs new things every day and when you feed it with what it needs, it keeps you rejuvenated! However, always try and limit this screen time.

10 Little Things To Stay Inspired

4) Visits to home décor sections

Currently due to the pandemic this is not possible but I loved doing this back then. Visiting the décor section of malls and plazas have been my favourite. Although now this has turned to online surfing. This gives me a sense of control when I am in need of raw materials and I know exactly where to find them.

10 Little Things To Stay Inspired

5) Watch videos

As mentioned earlier that YouTube is in the list of my favourite apps but apart from that there are many other places where good content is available and can be explored to stay inspired. Some of them being other websites, Twitter, Facebook, Insta and many others. Watching videos gives a very good perspective of how others think, their journey, up-downs in their growth trajectories and creative flows. These videos have been very helpful and keep me deeply motivated to focus on my work.

10 Little Things To Stay Inspired

6) Meditate

Yessss peeps! Meditate…..Breathe in and breathe out...

This might sound out of nowhere but it does help. I have been meditating for the past 15 years and very closely understand its benefits. Yes, I do have my cheat days or even cheat weeks but I always get back to it. Amidst all the chaos it has given me clarity and the power to stay focussed. Try it sincerely and with the right technique, it won’t fail you!

10 Little Things To Stay Inspired

7) Express gratitude

Expressing gratitude for all that you have currently, goes a long way. Cribbing about things or making excuses for why you’re unable to move ahead is something to be put into the trash. Being sincere to oneself and taking one step at a time is the way to go about everything. I have been practising this for some time now and it has worked wonders.

10 Little Things To Stay Inspired

8) Choose what you’re passionate about

And finally, choose a path for yourself which you’re passionate about. I love styling homes and DIY’ing and I realised that I had a knack for it, then there was no stopping. Don’t go for anything which looks lucrative and has a lot of perks attached to it. It will never work that way. Ask yourself, give yourself some time and explore your own capabilities and things that get you excited even by the mere mention of it. Once you find your mojo, you have mastered yourself!!

10 Little Things To Stay Inspired

Hope this list helped you guys!! Do drop in a message below if you want to share your inspiring stories.

Till then, see ya in my next post!!

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