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Master the Art of Entertaining Yourself

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Mastering The Art of Entertaining Yourself

Master the Art of Entertaining Yourself

1) Cook for yourself

This is coming from a person who is not very fond of cooking. However, once in a while satiate your hunger for happiness by cooking for yourself. And if you’re the ‘I love cooking’ enthusiast, then go ahead, you have stumbled upon the best recipe for joy.

Master the Art of Entertaining Yourself

2) Surround Yourself With plants

Yes fellas! Make your own green heaven, this will not just be a treat to your eyes but also a blessing which your body is going to swear by. I make sure to decorate my space with as many plants as I can, specially the hallway. Now why specifically the hallway right? So, I feel immense joy to be welcomed by greenery every time I come back home. Just the sight of my plants give me a sense of wellbeing.

Master the Art of Entertaining Yourself

3) Pick up a new skill

Be it photography, musical instrument or pottery, there are various skills which you can upgrade yourself with. These new ways of boosting your brain can give you the much required joy and help you experience a more meaningful life. Mostly it will help you understand what your brain is capable of.

Master the Art of Entertaining Yourself

4) Put one foot in front of the other

Walks are good for not just your body and mind but also for your soul. Frequent walks in nature will help you take your mind off immediate problems and rejuvenate it by helping it calm. This process will help you think better and increase the dopamine level, giving you your daily dose of happiness.

Master the Art of Entertaining Yourself

5) Clean your surrounding

Yes peeps! This simple act of cleaning and organizing things around can declutter your mind and can eventually turn into a therapeutic activity. Not just that, doing this often can also reduce your work multifold by eliminating the burden of cleaning things all at one go.

Master the Art of Entertaining Yourself

6) Exercise

Pick and choose your kind of exercise, for example for me it’s more of yoga than rigorous weight lifting exercises. Put on some music depending on the intensity of your exercise and get moving. This is the best form of practice to keep both your body and mind healthy.

Master the Art of Entertaining Yourself

These were some of the activities which you can indulge in all by yourself! Taking out time for yourself and calming your nerves is something that should be done very frequently. This will not just make you peaceful from within but also make you more compassionate towards yourself and others.

So get going and keep yourself entertained and joyful…

Also, let me know in the comments below if there is something more you practice to keep yourself entertained and self sufficient.

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