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The Art of Changing Habits One Step at a Time

Sunday, October 10, 2021

The Art of Changing Habits One Step at a Time

The Art of Changing Habits One Step at a Time

Aren’t there days when we feel unproductive and hopeless about situations? Well, this happens to everyone and there is nothing to feel bad about or take it as a permanent situation. This state of mind or what people call an inner critic is a massive pain which frequently tells us that we cannot do what we want to do or will fail in whatever we do.

I started realizing this every time I had such thoughts and decided to work towards it. I sketched out various plans and then guess what, I failed! Then I came across this book called ‘Kaizen’ which was all about changing habits one step at a time. It was only after reading few pages that I realised where I was going wrong.

The problem was making a whole bucket list of activities and then feeling guilty for not completing those. This book inspired me to take little steps and make peace with it. Here are few habits which I inculcated into my daily life which not just transformed my habits but also helped me grow a positive mindset.

1) Recognising the problem

In my case it was keeping up with working on all the assets of HomelyMess – the website, social handles, YouTube videos phewww! I was getting overwhelmed with all that work along with doing my 9-5 job. (Note: I am writing this blog while still on my job)

The problem was too many tasks in hand! And then I decided to take up 2 assets at a time. Started with creating videos and publishing the same on my social handles. Decided to give my website a break. Next when I took up website work, I gave my social handles a break. I know social channels can be very demanding specially when you’re a content creator and have an audience which is waiting to consume that content. But trust me guys a little break hurts no one. At the end of the day, it’s how happy you are doing your thing, people who are there for you will always stick with you.

2) Taking out time for myself

A nice long shower, flipping through pages of my favourite magazine, going for a run or simply looking outside the window (the last one is my favourite 😊), I did these to cut myself from the regular activities.

So guys, give time to yourself and do your thing no matter how unproductive you feel at that time. Doing absolutely nothing is also a form of meditation with lots of mental benefits. So, go for it!

3) Planning my day

This was a 5-minute task which kept my 24 hours in place. This little list helped me keep on track without falling prey to anxiousness. I broke down my day into 4 parts – office, Homelymess, meals and buffer time, though initially it was difficult with a brain which wanted to achieve everything in one day. But yes this was a little step which made a big difference.

4) Maintaining a journal

A journal came in handy when I wanted to jot down an idea, a to-do activity or simply tick off a task. I kind of added my own creativity to it and made a gratitude journal so that amidst all that work, I could appreciate things around. It did trickle down some positivity.

5) Getting inspired

I have written one full article on this and would like to highlight this again, finding ways to get inspired is the best little step one can take. Be it a book, music, a social media post, or a 10-minute meditation, learn to get inspired instead of being overwhelmed.

So, with these few tips I will sign off for today!

It’s your turn now!!! I’d love to hear what little steps have you taken to change your habits!! Please tell me everything, I am all ears!

Lots of Love


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