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Believe In The Power Of PrayDreaming

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Believe In The Power of PrayDreaming

Believe In The Power Of PrayDreaming

Have you ever daydreamed?

Well, I guess we all have.

And how many times have we been told to stop doing that and focus on the real?

A lot many times, right?

How about if I tell you that dedicating 15 minutes of your time every day to daydream about all that you want is essential? Yes folks, this practice is something which we all should bring into our lives to manifest all that we want just by thinking right.

This is the power of PrayDreaming! Let me quickly introduce this wonderful concept to you.

When you PrayDream, you are basically allowing for those things to manifest into your life with absolutely zero negative thoughts. Why stop such a beautiful thought flow? Practice it to align your life with your desires

Here are the steps to follow:

1: Free yourself from all immediate obligations

2: Find yourself a quiet place, if it’s away from home- like a terrace or a nearby park, then the better

3: Calm your body and mind and give permission to yourself to daydream

4: Fold your hands, take a mudra or simple sit relaxed

5: Daydream or start thinking about all that you desire (without of course focussing on its possibilities and hurdles). Put yourself in that space where you already have those dreams around you and are enjoying them. Do this for 15 minutes. You can even extend this if you are really enjoying this and have time in hand.

6: Close off by saying a prayer of thanks and gratitude!

So, get going and start manifesting your desires into your life.

Lots of Love


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