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Organise Your Wardrobe

Sunday, July 29, 2018

organise your wardrobe

Hello everyone!

We all are a little obsessed with organising things around. But most of the effort is required when we have to organise our wardrobe and it’s trickier when the space is limited. How about some tips and ideas on arranging your closet like a pro.

Use storage boxes

Get hold of some cardboard boxes, remove its flaps and cut it down to the desired size. Next, simply wrap it up in a coloured paper/lace and use it to keep bags, scarves, purses and belts.


Add drawers to your cupboards

Invest in portable little drawers to store jewellery, watches, money, handkerchiefs and many more little things. They are super easy to shift according to where you want it at different times and declutters your space helping you save space for other essentials.


Get extra storage shelves

Add portable shelves to your existing shelves to get that perfect extra storage space. These are great for storing towels, caps, swim wears etc. The best part about these is that you can keep it aside when not in use.


Add a tie holder

Keep ties tidy using this single hanger to store multiple ties. Its easy to add to any wardrobe and takes just the right amount of space.


Divide and rule

How about some dividers to store folded clothes without them falling on each other? Get hold of these dividers for a super organised wardrobe.


Add shoes to baskets

Instead of creating shelves just to store shoes, add in baskets to put in all your pretty handsome shoes. This not just saves up space and organises your wardrobe but also adds to its beauty. However, if you already have shelves for footwear then keep each shoes of every pair facing the opposite side. Foot heal, heal foot! In this way you can add up more shoes to your shelves.


Mirror mirror

How about looking at yourself every time you open your cupboard. Yes, add a mirror to its inner walls. This not just saves space but also your time to dress up.


Phew!! That's it folks! Try out these simple tips to organise your wardrobe.

See you until next time with some super ways to make your home a little more beautiful.

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